Z-Blocker Alarm DSL Filter

Z-Blocker Alarm DSL Filter
In-Line DSL Filter designed for Residential Alarm Systems. Exclusive alarm panel filter safeguards the residential and small business alarm system telephone service (POTS) interface, which dials out to the alarm company if an emergency occurs. Lacking this protection, alarm panels on telephone lines with DSL may have a hard time reporting incidents.

Designed for use in homes with alarm systems and DSL/HPN

  • Unit blocks and isolates DSL/HPN signals from alarm equipment
  • Dependable, uninterrupted DSL/HPN and alarm operation
  • Easily compatible with all major ADSL, HPN and alarm security systems
  • Easy plug-in set up for RJ31X through RJ38X
  • Completely supports alarm panel line-seizure and cut-line protection features

Installation: Installation is easy, simply plug the filter into the alarm panel's telephone connection (RJ31X-RJ38X).
Weight .15