Audio/Video Selector (Inputs: 6/Out: 1)

Audio/Video Selector (Inputs: 6/Out: 1)
The AVS-1 Allows Connection of Up to 6 Audio/Video Inputs to One Television and it can be used with VCRs, Satellite Receivers, DVD Players, TV, Game Systems, etc.

  • High Isolation for Reducing RF Interference
  • 6 Sets of Audio/Video (L & R) Inputs
  • 1 Set of Audio/Video (L & R) Outputs
  • RCA Type Phono Pin Jack Connections
  • Instant One-Touch Push-Button Switching
  • No Power Supply Needed
  • Black Compact Design Case
  • New Feature: 6 Sets of S-Video Inputs, 1 Set of S-Video Outputs
Weight 2